[UNBOXING]: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

We are the first tech blog in Pakistan to bring you the unboxing for the retail unit of the Galaxy S8 Plus.

This is the UAE Retail Unit that we had imported and delivered to us in Islamabad. It is the Midnight Black Dual-SIM model, with the Exynos 8895 chipset. The exact model number is SM-G955FD.

The infinity display is stunning, we have our unit set to full resolution and it seems to be giving excellent battery life regardless of running at the maximum resolution. The build quality and finishing as usual, is top notch and the minor UI refinements from Samsung are much appreciated. Some users complained about having a ‘red tint’ on their displays, we can confirm that our unit did have a minor reddish hue towards the top of the display, however after a few hours of use, it seems to have reduced by a huge amount. The display is still set to Adaptive Display mode, with the stock settings that have been untouched. We received a 664 MB OTA update on our device which was supposedly released for performance improvements, bug fixes and to patch any applications that remapped the dedicated Bixby AI button on the device. However, an app on the Play Store called ‘Bixbye‘ claims to have worked around Samsung’s patch and we can confirm this. We used the application and remapped the button to the camera application and although there is a minor delay, it opens the camera app with no issues whatsoever.

We have also uploaded an unboxing video of it on our YouTube Channel, click here to watch it.

What’s included in the box:

  • Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Plug (9V/1.67A or 5V/2A) – QC 2.0 Standard
  • USB Type A – USB Type C Cable
  • USB Type A – USB Type C OTG Connector
  • MicroUSB – USB Type C Adapter for old accessories to be re-used
  • Earphones tuned by AKG
  • Different sized earbuds
  • SIM eject PIN
  • User manual / Warranty Information
Retail Unit Packaging
Earphones by AKG
Accessories included

Comparison with a Galaxy Note 5
Comparison with a Galaxy Note 5

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